New Authentication Committee

As of April 2016, members of the Scientific Committee overseeing the Authentication Commission have changed: Marco Meneguzzo has fully replaced Luciano Caramel in the Presidency of the Commission, while the family components remain unchanged (Bruto Pomodoro, Antonietta Ferraris and Emilio Mazza), who accompany Meneguzzo in the archiving work. From May 2016, Rossella Farinotti, Executive Director of the Archive, is also included in the staff.

President: Marco Meneguzzo
Vice-president: Bruto Pomodoro
Directive Commission: Antonietta Ferraris, Emilio Mazza
Executive Director: Rossella Farinotti

With the need to relaunch the presence of the artist on the Italian and international scene in mind, the Archive and the Authentication Commission will work to publish the General catalogue of sculptures by Gio' Pomodoro, by Autumn 2020. From now on, all fulfilments and assessments will speed up in process, without compromising in rigor and accuracy.

For this reason, we invite all owners of Gio' Pomodoro's works to respect the following rules, to ensure certainty and consistency of evaluation and archiving, which are the foundation of our archival work – all to enable a more prompt publication of the General Catalogue.